Zimmfor Management Services Ltd: Forest Management Services

Zimmfor Resource and Project Management Services

Zimmfor staff are licensed Professionals with extensive operational experience in the resource industry throughout BC.

We complement our resource knowledge with expertise in planning, forestry, engineering and biology. Zimmfor provides a wide range of resource management services, from operational planning (e.g., planning, layout) to strategic level planning (e.g., Forest Stewardship Plans and Management Plans). We have the training, field experience, business acumen and industry relationships to effectively deliver a wide range of services, from small scale projects to tenure acquisition and management, and everything in between.

Our Services

Tenures + Licenses

Acquisition and management services for resource tenures, permits and approvals.

Operational Planning

Including cutblock and road layout, road and bridge design, Site Plans, Forest Stewardship Plans.

Forestry + Silviculture

Planting, surveys, fertilization brushing, etc.

Contract Management

Management and Supervision of resource contractors (harvesting, roads, forestry, silviculture, mining, etc.)