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A leading global specialist in the field of carbon markets and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission programs.

Carbon is a naturally occurring substance that is being released into the atmosphere at increased rates due to human activities (i.e., burning fossil fuels and deforestation). Forests provide a positive impact in capturing and storing carbon also known as sequestration. The amount of carbon stored within a forest varies depending on the age, growth, species and management activities. Sustainable forest management, which includes reforestation of harvested areas can contribute to reduced emissions by maintaining carbon sequestration. Forest carbon projects which include deferring harvest on designated areas can also substantially contribute to carbon sequestration and can form an integral component of sustainable forest management planning. Zimmfor actively works with many different international carbon standard to find the most suited standard for each specific project.

Initial Assessment Reports


Prior to initiating a carbon project we will complete a carbon assessment that will create a detailed strategy for your project. This will include the approximate number of credits you should expect to generate, the risks and challenges associated with your project and an overall plan for project implementation.

Design & Implement

Upon your approval of the initial assessment we will complete the modelling and technical reports required to register and monitor your project. Zimmfor professionals will support you by completing all necessary assessments, biomass inventories and baseline scenario modelling required for your project.

Current Projects

Zimmfor supports organizations, individual landowners and asset managers by identifying optimal CO2-compensation methods tailored to individual projects

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  • Germany (VCS, VM0012)
    Westphalen Forest Carbon Project

    Project Summary

  • Canada (VCS, SDVISta, VM0012)
    BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative

    Project Website

  • United States (VCS, VM0003)
    Goldbeck Forest Carbon Project

    Project Summary

  • Romania (VCS, SDVISta, VM0012)
    Silvador Climate Action Project

    Under Development

  • United States (VCS, VM0010)
    Legacy Forest Climate Initiative

    Project Summary

Stakeholder Consultation Information

Zimmfor welcomes input from stakeholders regarding ongoing Forest Carbon initiatives.

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